About Us


MezuzahMe was founded in June 2013, in memory of the Rabbi Leibel and Mrs. Eda Bistritzky.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of the Mitzvah of Mezuzah.

At MezuzahMe we provide a convenient and FREE home pick up and delivery service providing new premium kosher Mezuzot as well as the ability to have existing Mezuzot checked. For those that need assistance with installing their Mezuzot and prefer a more hands on learning experience, a mezuzah expert will come to your home and show you how its done for no additional charge!

MezuzahMe’s pick up and delivery option primarily services the Upper West Side of Manhattan. However, upon special request, we can help anywhere in NYC.
We ship all over the US!

Many people are unaware that a mezuzah is not the outer cover but rather the scroll inside containing the “Shema” prayer, carefully handwritten by a trained scribe.

We hope that very soon every Jewish doorpost on the Upper West Side, and many more areas to follow, will have a proper beautiful Mezuzah hanging on it.

May fulfilling this special Mitzvah bring many blessings to your homes and businesses!

MezuzahMe is a division of Chabad of the West Side. A hub of Jewish life on Manhattan’s Upper West Side